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  • Discovery & Development CMC consultancy services 
  • Working with companies and their teams to progress projects from  Pre-Clinical Lead ID  through to delivering drug substance and products for use in PI-PIII Clinical trials.

Benefits of Outsourcing 

Outsourcing Chemistry has become increasingly attractive to all companies at all levels of R&D. Managed correctly, it can be a cost-effective and flexible resource, accessing the relevant expertise for each of your projects, when needed.

The use of Chemistry consultancy services enables efficient delivery of out-sourced research compounds through to the manufacture of APIs and drug product, on time and within budget.

Suitable service providers are selected by matching your project objectives with the best expertise, ability and capacity, drawing upon a wealth of experience and up to date knowledge of using service providers throughout the UK, Europe and Asia.

  • Due diligence
  • Lead ID and Lead Optimisation
  • Manufacture of APIs
  • Manufacture of solid, oral dosage forms
  • Chiral Chemistry
  • Drug Reprofiling
  • Supply Chain management​
  • Assistance with pate​nt drafting and strategy
  • Assistance with co​mpound storage & management
  • CTS Logisitics

An overview of services is listed here-

Please contact me to discuss your Chemis​try consultancy requirements

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