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A selection of testimonials from Clients / Service Providers & Colleagues

"I have been working on a chiral compound project with Andrea for over two years now and can only commend the drive and dedication that she brings to the project team. She has guided the team through strategic challenges and enabled free thinking and direction both within the immediate project team and also with our external teams.

Andrea has provided both fantastic support to the group but is also hand on with much of the day to day Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control activities required to produce both Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient and subsequent drug product. All of these activities have been conducted with third parties in India and have not been without issues given the distance and difference in communicational style.

Andrea has provided great insight into the program and I will always be grateful for all of her contributions so far and hope that I have the opportunity to work with Andrea on other projects in the future."

Julia Tilson, COO, Myotec Therapeutics Ltd

“Andrea has consistently worked to a high standard and she always ensures delivery of work in a thorough and timely manner. She has wide experience in the industry and her opinions are well-considered and clearly presented. She is very highly regarded and I would have no hesitation in recommending her. I hope I have the chance to work with Andrea again.”

Dr Sarah Fritchley, Clinical Project Manager, Sosei R&D Ltd

“We provided chemical services for Andrea's projects over many years. I worked closely with Andrea managing multiple projects. It was always a pleasure to work with her, she is very professional and has a great knowledge of her area. I would have no hesitation in recommending Andrea.”

Dr Mike McKenzie, Head of Chemistry, Charnwood Molecular

“I have worked with Andrea on many projects over the last several years. In all cases I have found her to be enthusiastic, pragmatic, knowledgeable and an excellent communicator. I have no reservations in endorsing her as an expert who you can work with in the development of pharmaceuticals.”

Brian Freer, Business Manager, Chiral Technologies Europe

“I had the pleasure of working with Andrea on a very challenging Medicinal Chemistry programme over a period of 2 years+.I thoroughly enjoyed working with her as she is was a very motivating manager. Her contributions to solving syntheses problems were extremely valuable while her obvious passion for the project was really driving the team's motivation. Andrea has also a very likable personality and is a great communicator. The whole team thoroughly enjoyed working with her.”

Dr Nathalie Huther, Senior Scientist, SAFC Sigma Aldrich

“Andrea is a very knowledgeable chemist with broad experience in drug discovery and development. Andrea is extremely efficient and her management of the CMOs is excellent. She consistently delivers good quality work on time and in budget. In the area of Intellectual Property she has a very good eye at spotting patent opportunities and has authored several patents. For the above reasons I would strongly recommend Andrea as a Chemistry consultant

Dr Elena Lasterra, Head of IP, Serentis Pharmaceuticals

“Andrea is a talented chemist with a keen eye for detail. She has a thorough understanding of the broader aspects of drug discovery and the combination of her knowledge and organisation skills make her an efficient and effective scientist.”

Bill Harris, Director of Drug Design, De Novo Pharmaceuticals

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